October 29, 2020

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Top 6 Things to do in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tanzania’s coast hosts more than 50 islands that make the Zanzibar Archipelago and the most popular island here is Zanzibar. Even though it seems separate from Tanzania, it is an important part of the country. The stunning beaches lined by palm trees, the shallow, and tropical sea plus the air thick with the aroma spices are enough to keep you enchanted and engrossed. Get ready to enter the fascinating and beautiful world of Zanzibar which boasts of unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches.

Zanzibar can be very dramatic, especially if you know what to do and see. All you need is some real info about the intriguing places here that are worth exploring and promise to offer you a lifetime experience. Here are some great ideas to explore in Zanzibar –

Jozani forest
Visit the cool and shady green forest about 35 km southeast of Zanzibar. The unique swamp forest boasts of lush, feathery ferns and moisture-loving trees. One can reach the forest via bus or a chartered taxi. Enjoy visiting Moto Handicrafts workshop on the route and buy handicrafts. You must visit the butterfly center along the main road.

Stone Town
Stone Town lies at the middle of Zanzibar Town and is a maze of narrow alleys that you will love exploring. Stay here for the night and explore the mosques, palaces and tiny shops to really absorb the atmosphere and get a unique experience. A UNESCO World Heritage place, you can easily lose yourself in the buzz of bustling bazaars and admire the Arab residences.

Pemba and Mafia Island
Pemba and Mafia Islands deserve to be known better. Pemba is about half-hour flight north-east of Zanzibar, and here you will meet traditional people. The neighboring Mafia is simply ideal for snorkeling and diving. Stay at one of those great-value little beach lodges and come face to face with nature.

Matemwe beach
Matemwe Beach is well known for the finest sand on Zanzibar. Be a part of the life for some time that moves at its own pace. Laze around and watch the chickens wandering across the road or the strings of fish drying in the sun. It is like being in another part of the world, away from the traffic jams and mobile phones. For unparalleled views and some pampering, we recommend to book your luxury stay beforehand as it can get pretty crowded in the peak season. Sites like ZanzibarResorts.com offer great deals and several options to choose from based on your criteria.

Ngezi Vumawimbi Forest Reserve
If you want to come face to face with mountain gorillas and view wildlife on safari, then head straight for Ngezi Vumawimbi Forest Reserve. Discover unique wildlife here in three different ecosystems. Walk on the trail under the shady canopy of the forest that is now a part of protected forest reserve.

Palace Museum and Peace Memorial Museum
The extensive white building of Palace Museum, also known as Sultan’s Palace is located on the harbor road and provides breath-taking sea views. See an impressive collection of the Sultans’ elaborate possessions. Peace Memorial Museum is home to a wealth of Zanzibar’s memorabilia and exhibits local wildlife displays and traditional carvings. Visit those museums to discover the intriguing history and culture of the island.