October 29, 2020

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How One Company Is Disrupting the CBD Industry with Affordable CBD Oil

In my recent posts, I’ve dove deep into the world of CBD. As many of you know I’ve been pleasantly surprised in the direction this multi-billion dollar industry is headed. This past weekend I stumbled upon a very interesting company through an ad posted to a Joe Rogan fan page on Facebook. The ad stated “If you aren’t buying your CBD oil from www.dollaradaycbd.co you’re paying too much. Use the code “JOE ROGAN FANS” to receive 33% off and try your first bottle of their lab-tested, 500mg full-spectrum CBD oil for only $20”. I’ll be the first one to tell you that this deal looked too good to be true and I was wholeheartedly expecting to click and find a diatribe of false claims from another copy and paste, get rich quick, MLM. I was pleasantly surprised when they had their lab tests posted right on the home page. Their website was polished and most importantly simple to navigate.

This led to a lot of questions, “how can a company I’ve never heard of afford to sell such good quality CBD oil for such low prices?” they didn’t have many reviews, so I continued reading around their website until I found their support phone number.

The phone was answered before I even heard the first ring, “Dollar-a-Day CBD, Josh Bertini speaking” said a young man’s voice over the line. I explained to Josh that I’ve been researching CBD and I was curious how they were able to run their business selling product at such a low price point. Josh gave a lighthearted chuckle and proceeded to tell me the following:

We built our entire business model on getting people affordable CBD. We had the belief that if CBD is something that can actually help, it should be made accessible. So we set off on our mission to create affordable and accessible CBD. Finding a great quality product for a low price was our first hurdle, we spoke to at least 15 producers before we found our current partner. We got lucky in that our producer is one of the few who produces a true full-spectrum CBD oil made from a whole plant extract rather than a distillate, this means our product has all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes. Good quality CBD oil isn’t exactly cheap so to make sure we could always keep our prices at $1 a day we cut out the middlemen, retailers, and wholesalers, only selling our product directly from our website to our clients.

As Josh was explaining this to me I couldn’t help but think this was a very polished pitch, which made sense as it turns out Josh was actually one of the Co-founders. I asked him if it was normal for him to pick up the customer service line, he said he does every chance he gets as there is nothing more valuable to him than being able to have a dialogue with a customer.

Overall, I came away from this happy to find another CBD oil company that actually seemed to

care about their customers and providing a great quality products. $1 a Day CBD might be the best affordable CBD oil that not enough people have heard of.