Before hiring a sexual assault lawyer in Woodstock it is important to consider a variety of factors to ensure you have a fair and properly defended case.

In the following article we will reveal 10 crucial factors that you need to know.

1) The sexual assault lawyer will inform you of your rights and specific legal situation. Indeed, once you hire the lawyer they will provide advice, guidance and support to deal with this difficult situation. Moreover, the firm will keep all of your information confidential from the public and any other individuals.

2) The lawyer initiating a publication ban for the accused. Often times the media will attempt to publicize the individual being accused, which can damage one’s reputation, relationships (both personal and professional) as well as damage one’s employment position. A sexual assault lawyer in Woodstock can employ a publication ban immediately to eliminate the threat of media publication that has adverse consequences for the accused.

3) Tell the truth to your lawyer, they are here to help you. In order for the lawyer to guide the judge and/or jury to fully understand the sexual assault accusation they must have a deep understanding of the incident.

4) Understand and research the Criminal Code of Canada for sexual assault allegations to save time during the consultation period with the lawyer.

5) Do not give statements to the police based on the sexual assault allegation, this can be used against you in a court of law, thus making it harder for the sexual assault lawyer to defend you.

6) Do not attempt to contact the alleged victim of the sexual assault or their friends or family. Anything you say to the opposing party can be used against you in a court of law. The fundamental rule is to talk to your lawyer first before anyone else.

7) How will sexual assault lawyers evaluate your case in Woodstock? The lawyer will determine the odds of winning the case and examine the potential risks of going to trial versus accepting a plea deal.

8) The trial proceedings are a long process thus you need to hire a sexual assault lawyer who you can trust and are comfortable around. For instance, a typical trial may take six months all the way up to a year or more, therefore choosing the right fit in your legal defense is paramount.

9) When are the court proceedings for a minor sexual assault (summary offense) versus a serious sexual assault (indictable offense) and how will this impact your financial position? A summary offense can lead to a trial beginning 6 -15+ months after the initial arrest, whereas an indictable offense can be from 12-24+ months after the initial arrest. It is important to understand this distinction because it will allow you to gauge which type of lawyer you can afford to maximize your defense while mitigating your financial burden.

10) Be aware of what constitutes a sexual assault before meeting your sexual assault lawyer to save time in building your case rather than requiring extensive clarification (which will cost you more and reduce the time to build a strong defense). In conclusion, by following the ten recommendations you can have peace of mind based on completing your due diligence before hiring your sexual assault lawyer in Woodstock.

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