October 29, 2020

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How to Use Salesforce Activities Tracking and Tasks

Salesforce is used by all types of businesses around the world. Whether your business is large or small, having a good Customer Relationship Management or CRM is vital. Before salesforce businesses would have to host their CRM on their own server. Just imagine the time and cost it took for businesses to be able to do this. It would take years to install and a high cost to get the CRM data entry automation set and working properly. Having to host their own CRM is one of the biggest reasons why smaller and medium size companies did not have CRMs in place and their sales suffered.

Salesforce Activities Tracking

Salesforce was born as an affordable CRM that companies of all sizes could afford and work with. Sales teams and managers were able to use a CRM that is fully available online and anywhere. 

Salesforce became a hit as soon as it hit the market for business. It was Cloud Computing that allowed freedom and saved on the cost. It replaced a long installation process and having to have tech experts move everything online. Salesforce offered a great business model that could be afforded by businesses. 

Why Businesses Flourish with Salesforce

  • Salesforce is affordable
  • Teams can access Salesforce wherever they are
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party applications
  • Salesforce is scalable to the growth of your business and changes
  • Activities and tasks tracking

Activities and Tasks Tracking

Having the ability to track activities and tasks makes things more streamlined for everyone involved. Knowing what your sales team is doing and where deals are in the sales funnel keeps things easier than trying to follow where every lead is. Knowing the tasks that must be completed and what activities are coming up on the calendar keeps the daily work flowing and in order. 

Salesforce 3rd Party Applications

Tracking activities and tasks can be made amazingly simple with 3rd party applications. One of the best-known applications is by SalesDirector.ai. Having the ability to have AutoScribe saves your sales team hours of being on the computer clicking and adding essential data. It also saves data from being lost when it is forgotten to be added in. Having everything logged in your CRM correctly and easily keeps everyone on the team on the same page.

AutoScribe also offers the following:

  • Automatically creates contacts with 3rd party data integrations and PLUS Signature Capture. Gone are the days of having to remind your reps to enter contacts.
  • Automatically logs calendar events and email.
  • Attaches contacts to the right opportunities. No more having to guess who is working on the project or deal. Having this tool makes it easier on sales managers who are trying to follow all their reps. 
  • Works with Office365/Exchange or GSuite with service account or individual account integration. No application plug-in difficulties. Server to server simple set up.

Salesforce Activities Tracking and Tasks

salesforce activity tracking has helped companies with their workflow and can help make your business profitable because there are not leads and deals falling through the cracks. With the addition of AutoScribe, there will never be another opportunity missed.