October 29, 2020

DM Staionary

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Never lose your valuables again with this miniature GPS locator

Keeping a tab on kids, pets, and valuables is a difficult task, so a new Indiegogo has built a miniature GPS tracker to at least help find people or items once they’ve disappeared.

Ping, the “world’s smallest” GPS tracker, is able to send a signal from the U.S., Mexico and Canada to the owner’s smartphone. It will provide a pinpoint location of where the thing is and also let kids send a ‘check-in’ to their parents or a distress ping if in trouble.

The creators claim that Ping is for “kids, pets, bikes, drones, luggage or anything important that moves”. It has a strap that can be purchased alongside the GPS tracker, which makes it even more attachable and versatile.

Inside Ping is a GPS module, Bluetooth, and 3G cellular module. Bluetooth is used for short distance, while the 3G cellular lets owners find things that are miles away. Users pay $36 per year for the service, with an additional $3 per month per device.

It is one of the first GPS trackers to incorporate global tracking. Most use Bluetooth only, and have a range of a few meters. Ping is also waterproof, so even valuables underwater can be found.