October 29, 2020

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What are the most important considerations for a powder filling machine?

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery Inc. has been serving the manufacturing industry for many years now. Our clients include Nestle, m&m mars, Quaker oats, etc. we have been making filling machines and equipment or as we call them the auger fillers, for filling up the dry products into cans and bottles. Our types of equipment are guaranteed to give you an efficient packaging line, and a satisfying conclusion to your manufacturing and production line.

Auger fillers are known to fill all kinds of products. They are unique and work in the most efficient manner. The auger fillers can be used through a touch screen panel provided on the machine, with one touch you can increase or decrease the speed of your packaging. The auger fillers have various variants, like:

  • Revolution Spee-Dee auger filler
  • Sanitary auger filler
  • Low profile auger filler
  • Multi-axis filler
  • Twin auger filler
  • Net Weigh Series auger filler

All these auger fillers are known to provide huge levels of functionality to your speed of production and increase the efficiency of your product. It varies from product to product and location to location which auger filler is the most suitable for you and your manufacturing unit. What kind of a product is it that you want to pack also has an effect on the kind of auger filler that will go with your needs.

When it comes to purchasing auger powder fillers machines, apart from the production capacity its price and how much investment will it take to maintain it, you must always make sure that the consistency, the size and the type of dry material that is to be filled is in compatibility to the type of auger filler you are investing in.

Auger fillers are fast, cost effective and are designed to handle fine powders efficiently unlike the net weight fillers which tend to sometimes develop clumps to the powder mixture.

The space of your packaging station has a lot of say in the type of auger filler you must invest in. for example, the low profile auger fillers are designed to work in areas where there is very limited space.

When dealing with different powders and materials at the same time, trying to pack them into one container, the multi-axis auger fillers come in handy. Separate mixtures come out of separate nozzles and get combined into your packaging material.

If you are a seller of costly dried products then the Net Weigh auger filler will be your best friend. Once you feed in the quantity that needs to be packaged, it will always fill up your package with that same quantity every time. Not a penny more, not a penny less.

While products that have to reach highest levels of sanitation can be filled with the help of the Sanitary auger filler. Pharmaceuticals, milk powder, etc. are best suited with the sanitary auger filler.

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