October 29, 2020

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Importance of Wearing Retainers

Wearing RetainersThe time one wears retainers after the duration of wearing braces is very important for the overall benefit of the whole orthodontic treatment. At times, after the braces period is over, the teeth tend to return back to their original positions. To stop this and to let the teeth adjust fully well in their new positions, it is a must to wear retainers regularly.

Wearing retainers is a must after period of wearing braces

A bit of tooth movement does take place in the mouth throughout the entire life of any given person. It is usually the lower front teeth which tend to move around. Sometimes, this is very normal. However, this movement can be done away with by wearing retainers for a longish duration of time.

It is advised that retainers should be worn each night for a minimum period of one to two years. After this, the usage can be minimized a bit. At times, these can be worn thrice to four times a week and then later on, even once a week. Also, it is necessary to take the retainers to the dentist to get them properly checked up for good fitting in the mouth.
In the event the retainer is broken, chipped or even lost, it is best to get another set made right away. Not wearing a retainer for even for sometime even may result in more damage than what one can think.

Types of retainers

The conventional set of removable retainers is fashioned out of acrylic and wire. One can select from any number of colors and patterns. The clear overlay retainers are not very big and are also easily wearable. In addition, these protect the teeth in events when one has a grinding or clenching nature.

It is very necessary to maintain good oral hygiene of the retainers. Once you remove them from the mouth in the morning, it is essential to brush them with toothbrush and toothpaste. There could be a chance that plague starts accumulating on the retainers and this has to be removed by a professional.

During daytime, the retainers should be kept safely tucked in the case which has been made for them. Keep the retainers out of reach of dogs or any other pets in the house. Also, make it a point not to place the retainers in the glare of sunlight, in boiling water or even in the microwave oven. If you wish to chew on a gum, remove the retainer before doing so.

Bonded retainer

This is a small wire which is glued to the tongue part of the lower front six teeth. Do not chew anything hard or sticky while wearing these. Take care while brushing your teeth as well. Routinely, brush your teeth twice a day around the bonded retainer to remove all food particles et al. Also, one should floss every day with a floss threader.
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