October 29, 2020

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How to Detect a Faulty Storm Drain and Schedule Storm Drain Repair in Arlington Heights, IL?

Detect a Faulty StormStorm drain problems can be puzzling and challenging, considering a huge part of the system exists underground. When things go wrong, the cause isn’t easy to determine and the real issue may not always be apparent and the real issue is not easy to see. Questions on liabilities and responsibilities arise, as to who should take care of having the storm drained repaired. Awareness is the key to proper drain maintenance, from knowing how to spot signs of drain trouble early on and discovering today’s latest innovations to solve your drain system problems. Here’s How to Detect a Faulty Storm Drain and Schedule Storm Drain Repair in Arlington Heights, IL.

Signs Your Storm Drain May Be In Need of Repair

More often than not, the first indicator of a faulty storm drain is the development of a sinkhole, when the surface collapses and water infiltrates and burrows through the trouble area. The water washes the soil or pavement into the piping and eventually forms in lawns and gardens. Clogs and backups in toilets are common occurrences and is a telltale sign of an underlying storm drain issue.

Storm sewers, catch basins, or parking lot drains tend to slow down when draining when roots have penetrated and invaded the pipes. Various other materials, including mud, sand, leaves and dirt, can get stuck within. It would be to your best interest to call the pros to carry out a quick trenchless solution in a safe and efficient way.

The Storm Drain Repair Process

Trenchless technology has paved the way to a no-dig storm drain repair solution. Pipe lining is one of the proven trenchless techniques that effectively deals with the storm drain issue once and for all. To fix a faulty storm drain, the pipe lining method utilizes a flexible rubber bladder liner that’s inserted into the piping system. A contemporary machine pushes the liner in, which is then inflated to adhere to the inside walls of the drainage pipe and thereby repair it right then and there.

How Do You Schedule A Storm Drain Repair?

A good company that specializes in storm drain repair will send out qualified storm drain engineers to immediately address your concerns. They have the man-power, expertise and experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to accurately assess the situation and get the job done right, the first time.

One thing to note is that the storm drain damage can actually be traced from improper installation, construction or engineering. That’s why it’s essential to work only with trusted contractors who’ve built great reputations. If the drain pipes have worn out and have fully served its purpose, then it may be time to have it replaced.

To schedule a storm drain repair in Arlington Heights, IL is as easy as giving your chosen company a call for an evaluation of your drain lines. You can expect them to act fast and schedule a camera inspection, the no-guesswork first step to determining the right trenchless method to use and solving your storm drain problems.