October 29, 2020

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Contractor Information & Requirements | Lancaster,contractor


The community development department or commonly known as the CDD of the city of Lancaster has two programs currently, that require using the Lancaster Contractors who are registered. These two programs are as follows:

  • Housing Rehabilitation Assistance
  • Emergency Home Repair assistance.
  • According to the city ordinance 1341.01, the Lancaster contractors need to be registered. Unless and until a person is registered officially with the Certified Building Department of the city, no person shall be able to claim themselves to be any kind of a construction worker or any kind of contractor. Also, they would not be able to take up any construction and contractual projects.
  • No person- individual or legal, can act against the law. According to the community development department, any activity under the name of home improvement and remodeling, general repair and construction, in any skilled manner requiring the help of specialised and professional people; or any activity like plumbing, electric, heating and cooling, Hydronics, waterproofing, sidings, roofing, gutters, etc., can be undertaken by anyone unless the person is duly authorized to do so. Until their legal formalities related to them being registered and unless they get their licenses, they cannot perform any of the tasks talked about here.
  • To ensure speedy license delivery to anyone who wishes to provide all these services to the people at large, the potential professional must submit all the necessary documents to the Certified Building Department. These include the registration forms, license forms, and other related legal documentation. Also, the certified building department will require a contractor’s qualification statement for the easy and speedy registration of the potential Lancaster contractors.
  • For all community development projects, the proof of insurance liability, the minimum amount shall be $500,000.
  • The list of registered Lancaster contractors can be viewed by anyone and everyone, who wishes to view it on the building and zoning of the city of Lancaster webpage. Moreover, the permits of all kinds of building and construction can also be viewed on the same website- i.e. the Lancaster city building and zoning webpage.
  • All kinds of inspections and enforcements of legal provisions to make sure that safety measures and precautions are being undertaken during all kinds of construction and remodeling projects in the Lancaster area shall be performed by the community development inspectors. They might be or might not be sometimes accompanied by the building department of the city of Lancaster.

The legal provisions and safety measures, precautions, and standards that shall be applied in your Lancaster neighborhood remodeling, construction, and building contractual projects shall be lead by the Building code of Ohio as well as the International Residential Code. the community development department shall also implement certain community development performance standard which must be followed by any Lancaster contractor.