November 27, 2020

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How to spread the word about your glass pipes wholesale

Undoubtedly, Glass Pipes proves to be the next hot item commercially sold over the internet.  

Thus, more entrepreneurs are venturing into the Glass Retail Industry and the Wholesale Business. 

What is wholesaling and Why should you consider it? 

Wholesaling is the act of selling your products in bulk(large proportions) to another marketer, typically at a deducted price, who then in return sells the product to their customers or end-users. Due to its remarkable benefits, business is quite competitive for Whole Salers, and Owners are modifying their business strategies to skyrocket their revenue as well as surpass their competitors. The most common way to elevate sales and let those orders pile up is to get your wholesale water bongs Business to be recognized!

How to Advertise?

1. Social Media Platforms

We are now in a digital era and it seems that the majority of the population around the globe engage themselves a lot on the web, especially on social networking sites. If you want your Wholesale Glass Pipes business to step up, consider social media marketing. Some of the popular sites out there to name a few are: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit, LikedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest, most of these offer free sign-ups. 

In these sites you can freely share photos, join relevant groups/pages and even post other media catalog for your Pipes. The best thing about promoting your products here is, it’s FREE of charge(exemption when you want to do paid ADS). Keep in mind that you adhere to their community guidelines and policies to avoid account suspension. But overall it’s a good place to start and let your Business Grow. The Key is to Engage with people, connect and gather Large followings.

2. Endorsements 

Who doesn’t follow their favorite celebrities and Idols? Admit it or not, at some point we all had experienced a superfan moment, wherein we wanted to know the specifics of the people we look up to. Like for example, What are the products they use? And What brands do they trust? 

More and more people are rising to fame and are becoming an internet sensation overnight. Consequently, entitling them to large followings, meaning a large number of people can view and even share their posts, increasing the chance to get your wholesale business to be known quickly. You can pay and offer your products in exchange for endorsement among these celebrities or influencers. 

3. Paid advertisement

Let’s admit it, if we could advertise our Glass pipe business without even spending a single penny, without a doubt we’ll do it. Not all can afford advertisement fees, but if you do and money is not an issue, try investing on Pay per click ads(search ads). The only downside of this kind of advertisement is that it is costly in some markets. Or, you can try out Social media ads like Facebook, it costs lower than Google, the only cons for these methods would be lower engagements for lower click through.

4. Offer Promos

Offer discounts and Promos for your wholesale Pipes. On your website(if you have set up one ) include more call to action prompts. Entice your prospective buyers with deals they can’t get from another company. 

5. Get Reviews and Recommendations.

Ask for product reviews from previous customers, preferably a good one. Usually, individuals read through previous feedback before purchasing, almost 80% of clients believe what they see and read. Get as much as good reviews as you can, not only can you attract more customers but you can get recommendations as well.