November 27, 2020

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7 Reasons To Have a Sewer Camera Inspection in Agoura Hills

Video-Camera-Inspection-ServicesIf you are living in the Agoura Hills area and in need of a sewer repair, having a sewer security camera inspection, will bring benefits in helping to protect your home from damaged sewer pipes. This research article will show you 7 reasons to have a sewer camera inspection in the Agoura Hills area.

Age of Home

If you are living in a home that is more than 10 years old, you may want to consider having a sewer camera inspection. Over time, the sewerage system under a home wears down. For homes that are older there may be sewer problems that are undetected by the human eye. A sewer camera allows the repair man and homeowner to see what problems are there and potential problems in your sewer system.


Early detection of minor sewer problems means that they can prevented, which leads to savings for the homeowner. Once the sewer camera repair man shows you video footage of potential problems, they can be repaired, which leads to less major sewer repair problems in the future.

Cost of The Sewer Camera Inspection

Consumers always want to know the price for any product or service they plan to purchase. The price for a sewer camera inspection is usually a little more than one hundred dollars. And for the benefit of protecting your home’s drainage system, the cost for a sewer camera inspection should be a top priority. This will alleviate the pain staking result of having to replace an entire sewerage system, which could be $8000 or more.

Locates The Cause of The Sewer Problem

Companies that do initial sewer problem assessments, will tell you that having a camera sewer inspection will give them a greater success rate in determining the cause of your sewer problem. Once the source of the problem is detected, the problem can be fixed with little to no worry that it will reoccur.

Makes Sure That There Are No Tree Roots Growing Inside the Sewer System

The roots of a tree obviously grow underground. The roots can be detrimental to the sewer system that is helping to drain your pipes in your home. If there are roots around or inside of your sewer pipes, the sewer camera inspection will show this, allowing you to have this problem fixed before it gets worse and more costly.

Allows Repairman To Check For Sewer Pipe Blockages

The sewer camera inspection in Agoura Hills homes, will show homeowners if there are any blockages in your sewer system pipes. These blockages in the pipes are similiar to blockages in your heart and must be taken care of immediately. The inspection allows you to see where these blockages are, so that they can repaired, while keeping your sewer pipes clear.

Allows the Repairman to Ensure The Sewer Pipes Don’t Have Cracks

When your sewer pipes have too much constant pressure, they will often crack. This especially happens in older homes, where the system has been used over a long period of time. New homeowners are requested to have this sewer camera inspection, to ensure that the pipes within their new home and sewer system are working properly.

These are 7 reasons why you should have a sewer camera inspection, if you are living in the Agoura Hills area. Hopefully these tips and tricks will lead to less expenses when it comes to sewer repairs in the future.