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Ever since the Google panda and penguin have more and greater number of challenges for the online business. But, not only they need to target the keywords and they need to do without sounding like schlepping Google with an abundance of the out of the search phrases. The true fact of information around the web application subject that how to combine the search engine optimization with the content marketing. But, today marketing trends will change with the support of great content marketing and it’s a key to all of this come back to thinking of the customer’s views. Read More

Never lose your valuables again with this miniature GPS locator

Keeping a tab on kids, pets, and valuables is a difficult task, so a new Indiegogo has built a miniature GPS tracker to at least help find people or items once they’ve disappeared. Ping, the “world’s smallest” GPS tracker, is able to send a signal from the U.S., Mexico and Canada to the owner’s smartphone. It will provide a pinpoint location of where the thing is and also let kids send a ‘check-in’ to their parents or a distress ping if in trouble.

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